Best Gaming PC Build For ₹40,000: June 2020


    In this article, we’ll be listing parts of a gaming PC for roughly ₹40,000 with this article. This PC build is suitable for playing most modern games, albeit with some settings turned down for optimal frame rates.

    Parts For PC Build:

    CPU – AMD Ryzen 3100

    AMD's new Ryzen 3 desktop CPUs get official, coming in May ...

    The Ryzen 3100 is priced very competitively for the performance it has, allowing us to get a CPU capable of higher end gaming while leaving us with some leftovers in the bank to invest in a GPU. It is very power efficient, and with some simple overclocking, can gain even more processing power.

    Motherboard – AsRock B450M-HDV Rev 4.0

    The B450M-HDV Rev 4.0 from AsRock is one of the more affordable B450 boards. It focuses on providing value without having to sacrifice too much on the overall performance and quality of the board. It provides all the basic features one needs, and will also allow you to overclock your processor. All this makes it the best choice for our build.

    Memory – Kingston HyperX Predator 4GBx2 3200MHz CL16

    We chose the most inexpensive dual channel DDR4 kit that had a frequency of at least 3000MHz and a CAS latency of 16 or lower. This is because Ryzen CPUs tend to gain a significant bump in performance with fast dual channel RAM. Remember to “overclock” the memory to run at its advertised speed of 3200 MHz, though, or it will run at the JEDEC default of 2133 MHz. Depending on your motherboard, the memory overclock may be called DOCP (Direct Overclock Profile), EOCP (Extended Overclock Profiles), or XMP (eXtreme Memory Profile).

    Video Card – PowerColor Red Dragon RX 570

    The RX 570 is one of the best GPUs when it comes to value. It can be found for extremely low prices, and it performs admirably. We chose the PowerColor Red Dragon, because it was the most affordable of the ones with a good cooler. We would recommend you stick to 570s with a cooler from Sapphire, PowerColor or XFX, due to issues in coolers from other manufacturers.

    Storage – Crucial BX500 120GB and WD Blue 1TB HDD

    We chose the Crucial BX500 for its low price and decent performance, along with the WD Blue 1 TB for mass storage due to its reliability.

    Case – GameMax 8833

    The GameMax 8833 isn’t anything to write home about, but it serves its purpose. If your budget allows, you should definitely upgrade this.

    Power Supply – Corsair CX450 Buy Corsair CX450 450W 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply (CP ...

    The CX450 is certified 80+ Bronze, has a warranty of 5 years and includes black braided cables. There are cheaper options available, but I personally would not recommend most of them, as it is important to get a good power supply for the lifetime of your PC components.

    Summary Of The Build

    CPUAMD Ryzen 3100₹8,455
    MotherboardAsRock B450M-HDV Rev 4.0₹6,270
    MemoryKingston HyperX Predator 4GBx2₹3,350
    Video CardPowerColor Red Dragon RX 570₹11,847
    StorageCrucial BX500 120GB
    WD Blue 1TB HDD
    CaseGameMax 8833₹1,955
    Power SupplyCorsair CX450₹3,700

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    1. This definitely isn’t the best value you can get. And also what country are you from? How much does this cost in USD?

    2. I have been looking for a similar config therefore watching theses sites for about 3 weeks. Other than motherboard and power supply everything else has been out of stock.
      Other places if they are even available they are more expensive than the above price.

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