Every gamer needs a high end gaming keyboard to boost their killstreaks. Even if you think you’re MLG material, you could always do better given the right tools. So if you’re looking for a durable keyboard with tactile and clicky keys, complete with fancy lighting effects, comfy wrist rests and a few spare macro keys that can be customized to any action then look no further than this list of the best gaming keyboards that you can buy right now. No matter how much you’re willing to spend, we have a recommended keyboards for every budget.

Low Budget (Kailh Switches)

1. Natec Genesis RX85 – $55

 If you like the balanced tactility and silence of Brown switches then this one is not only the cheapest, but also one of the best out there. It comes equipped with a braided cable and a magnetic wrist rest which sometimes even expensive keyboards dont offer.

2. Redgear MK881 – $45

This one is for all the clicky Blue switch lovers out there who are on a budget. Although every row has a fixed colour, there are various fancy lighting modes which add to the aesthetics. An all around great keyboard at a great price.

3. Zebronics MAX – $39

Go for this one if you prefer a TKL (Ten-key-less, lacking the numpad region) design or don’t have enough space for a large keyboard. It also comes with Blue switches and is very similar to the MK881 in functionality.

High Budget

1. Logitech G413 Carbon – $99

Logitech is a well known brand amongst gamers and they have been seemingly going out of their way to make only the most high-end, cutting-edge peripherals without taking value into consideration. That’s all changed with the G413 Carbon, a mechanical keyboard that sacrifices RGB backlighting and customizable macro keys in favor of an affordable price tag. It stands out because of its magnesium alloy body and silent Romer-G switches.

2. Razer Ornata – $129

Razer’s new Mecha-membrane switches pull from everything Razer has learned over the years. The result is a grand typing experience with shorter keys, the tactile feel of the green switches from the Blackwidow X Chroma and a loud audible click. Just like its other products, the Ornata features fully customizable RGB, per-key backlighting and it comes with a plush pleather wrist rest too.

3. Corsair K95 – $240

The K95 is a gaming-first mechanical keyboard with plenty of versatility to get the job done. The simple arrangement of a single row of six macro keys keeps it neat and organized without a whole lot of unnecessary reaching involved. It also packs in 8MB of memory dedicated to storing profiles, so you don’t have to worry about using the same computer through to the end of its career. This keyboard is not only backlit by up to 16.8 million colors, but it’s the perfect travel buddy too, made better by its military-grade aluminum finish, including the wrist rest.


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