Best Earphones Under 1,000 INR – Summer 2020 Edition!

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    After a successful series of smartphone buying guides that we put out on your request, we’ve been receiving requests to start the same for the best earphones and full-sized headphones spanning across wired or wireless categories. With a plethora of brands and bootleg knock-offs dominating the market, finding the perfect earphones that match your style of use often becomes quite a daunting task. Well, we’re here to narrow it down to a couple of choices you should consider seriously.

    Note: For this particular budget category we felt the need to exclude wireless/Bluetooth enabled models considering that the sound fidelity and tolerances of those models are quite depressing. We’re sticking to wired options for now!

    JBL C100SI

    JBL C100SI Best Earphones
    The JBl C100SIs don’t compromise one bit on sound quality!

    Probably my favorite pair of buds that don’t cost an arm and a leg to own, the JBL C100SI represents explosive value at just a hair shy of 600 INR. In my opinion, these sound the best amongst any other pair of earphones under 1000 INR. They have great separation, a pleasantly warm sound signature, and tight bass. If you’re someone that enjoys mind-numbing bass you probably need to stay away from these. Where the JBLs do shine is in terms of versatility. Right from alt-rock to synth-heavy pop music, the C100SI can handle a variety of tracks with great mids and decent highs. Perhaps the only downside to these is the lack of volume controls and rather flimsy build quality. Don’t expect these to last over a year unless you handle your earphones like a feather.

    Major Selling Points –

    • Crisp highs and great mids
    • Very balanced sound signature
    • Tight bass and good separation
    • Very comfortable for long sessions

    Mi Dual Driver In-Ear Earphones

    Mi Dual Driver Best Earphones
    The Mi Dual-Drivers are built like a tank!

    I reviewed these last month (here) and came away mighty impressed with the build quality and design. Though not very comfortable for long term use, they have a very bass-centric sound signature that most bass heads and Bolly-tunes listeners will enjoy. With very crisp mids and great soundstage, the average consumer will feel right at home with the Mi Dual-Drivers. Just don’t expect good separation and highs akin to the JBLs.

    Major Selling Points –

    • Rugged braided cable and metal housing
    • In-line volume controls
    • Nice emphasis on bass and mids

    House Of Marley Smile Jamaica

    Smile Jamaicas Best Earphones
    The Smile Jamaicas are a very quirky offering!

    With a quirky wood-like grain inlay and rugged fabric cables, the Smile Jamaicas truly do stand out among the other products on this list. And the best part? It doesn’t sacrifice function over form and sounds great for the price! It has nice and tight bass combined with the warm sound signature as well as the excellent highs you’d only find on the JBLs. In essence it’s the best of both worlds – great build, ample bass, AND a pleasing sound signature. Perhaps the only caveat would be the fact that this is the most expensive option on this list, coming in at a hair shy of 1000 INR (barely making it onto this best earphones list)

    Major Selling Points –

    • Quirky design
    • Great build quality
    • Tight bass and pleasing sound signature
    • Can handle a diverse range of tracks with ease
    • Great separation with good emphasis on the mids and highs.

    Which one would we pick?

    C100SI Best Earphones
    The JBLs win it!

    In an ideal world I’d probably pick the Smile Jamaicas in a heartbeat for their stellar sound quality. However, they are by no means as comfortable or light as the JBL C100SI. Despite having slightly inferior bass reproduction, my pick would still be the JBL C100SI for the main reason that they’re incredibly comfortable and deceptively cheap! (prices drop to as low as 500 INR during Amazon sales) Even if I do bust these up, I have the luxury of buying another pair without it weighing down on my conscience (perhaps a different color this time!). And that’s why the JBL C100SIs are the best earphones under 1000 INR and the ones that I personally use!

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