Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS Has Been Launched

    Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS

    Players can finally enjoy the game on Apple devices.

    The wait of more than a month is over, and PUBG fans have rejoiced as Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS version has now been released to the masses. It truly has been a long time coming, as the game is available on iOS devices for the first time since its ban last year.

    Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS

    The game was originally released on Android devices on July 2nd, after being reworked into the Microsoft Azure platform and being remade to follow the guidelines set by the Indian Government for games ilk. Tons of speculation followed about the Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS release, as games are usually released on all platforms simultaneously.

    There were some rumours about the game going into beta for iOS on August 20th, which have now proven to be untrue. The game is now available to be freely downloaded for all Apple devices without registration, provided it meets the system requirements, of course.

    Battlegrounds Mobile India

    Krafton, the developers behind the India version of PUBG, has listed the following minimum requirements for the BGMI iOS version:

    • iPhone: iOS 11 or later.
    • iPad: iOS 11 or later.
    • Download size: 1.9GB.

    There is also going to be an authentication check maintenance break for the game, which could result in some players not being able to log in to the game currently, but it is expected to be fixed soon. If you have Apple ID, you might want to wait a while.

    Recently, Battlegrounds Mobile India celebrated its 50 Million Download milestone in-game and promised its players some very exciting rewards, which we can share right here. Every player who opens the game right now will get a free, permanent Galaxy Challenger Set in-game, which they can redeem inside the events section in the lobby in-game.

    These are truly exciting times for Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS fans, and we can’t wait to see what happens with the game in the near future. Download Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS version from the Apple app store right here, and the Android version from the Google Play Store here.

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