Battlefield V to Get DLSS Support and Ray Tracing Improvements in February 12 Update

    Battlefield V

    Battlefield V is going to receive a major update on February 12. The update will be adding four-player co-op mode to the game with Combined Arms. This will allow the players to practice with friends against AI enemies for training before going to actual multiplayer mode. It can be played solo or with up to three other players. Another new addition is the return of fan-favorite multiplayer mode: Rush. This mode will be available to play in early March and will appear for a limited time during Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes.

    The most exciting thing about this update is surely the introduction of NVIDIA DLSS to the game along with further optimizations to improve the Raytracing performance. Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) uses deep learning to improve game performance while maintaining visual quality.

    We had earlier reported about how DLSS is going to solve all the performance issues of gaming with Raytracing enabled on Battlefield V.

    The improvements in game performance with DLSS and Raytracing enabled together were quite drastic. NVIDIA had published some test results using their GeForce RTX 2060 and there was a difference of just 2 frames per second between when Raytracing was entirely off and when Raytracing and DLSS were enabled together.

    These are the results that NVIDIA published using its GeForce RTX 2060:

    • Battlefield V: RT off – 90 FPS
    • Battlefield V: RT on + DLSS off – 65 FPS
    • Battlefield V: RT on + DLSS on – 88 FPS

    This update will hopefully solve all the issues that users had with Raytracing. One of them was the substantial drop in FPS when RT was enabled, and thankfully, it was observed that with DLSS enabled along with RT, an improvement of about 23 FPS was observed in the test as compared to when only Raytracing was on.

    Battlefield V

    This update will definitely be received quite well amongst the users as it promises improved performance without any reduction in the graphics along with other additions to the game.

    All the improvements of the February 12 update have been listed here.

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