The first patch for Battlefield V aimed at improving the raytracing performance of NVIDIA’s RTX 20 series cards is on the horizon. As per the dev diary update, this update will improve the raytracing performance by upto 50%. This includes many fixes and optimizations. We’ll walk you through them one by one.

For starters, the number of rays per pixel have been increased as you go from low to ultra settings. This should help alleviate the terrible blur associated with river reflections and other transparent objects. Secondly, there is something called as variable raytracing that lets the devs reduce the number of rays on objects that aren’t that reflective and concentrate them on more viable ones like glass, water and steel surfaces. This allows for both improved quality as well as better performance.

That’s not all, another optimization called BVH (boundary volume hierarchies) refits has also been implemented. This makes raytracing more efficient along triangle intersections. The bounding box bug has been ironed out as well. This bug would cripple RTX performance in the event of explosions, and lets face it BFV is full of em’. As per the DICE rendering engineer, optimizations on both driver as well as engine side have allowed better utilization of the RTCores, once again granting a decent FPS boost.

Lastly, the game was producing too many rays off foliage and other vegetation and as you know, those things aren’t very reflective. So the performance was going down the crapper without conferring any visual benefit. Luckily, this problem has been taken care of.

rtx 2080

As per the engineers working on the raytracing engine, there will be many more updates in the future that will further improve performance. “We are still scratching the surface” said one of them. That is true, RTX is still a brand new tech and will take a fair amount of time to mature, but that isn’t very encouraging to hear if you are one of the very first buyers of NVIDIA’s RTX cards. Regardless, I’m very much interested in seeing what kind of FPS boost this update brings. Cheers!

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