Battlefield 6 – Leaks, Rumours and Everything We Know About The Game So Far

    Battlefield 2042 (EA Battlefield 6) Leak

    The final days before the showcase of Battlefield 6 have not been kind to developer EA Dice, as tons of leaks have been uncovered.

    As the gaming world moves towards its yearly showcase that is the E3, EA and Dice media seem to have a leak in their battleship. As many as 4 different leaks have been discovered from the start of this year, and we’re here to tell you about all of them.

    Battlefield 5

    Battlefield 6 First Leak- Gameplay Screenshots

    Earlier in May, a trusted source on prior Battlefield leaks, Tom Henderson revealed that the two images that were leaked from an apparent zoom call in the company were legitimate.

    The images seem to show a huge island with an airplane fight in progress, and a setting with a rocket being launched, which the internet branded “Storm” and “Rocket”.

    Battlefield 6 Trailer Leak

    An as-of-yet unreleased trailer was leaked, as more than 50 images from the trailer were released online.

    Unfortunately, as the internet tends to do, the images were branded with the LOL guy rage comic, and those are the only images available to us for our viewing pleasures.

    Battlefield 6 LOL meme Leak

    With the release of these images, it becomes clear that the first leak was from this trailer, as the Storm and Rocket images seem to be followed up on, including the rocket crashing on its way to space.

    There’s also a robotic dog, which is always a plus. What this seems to prove, without the shadow of a doubt, that Battlefield 6 takes place in the future, a setting that DICE has previously visited in Battlefields 3 and 4.

    Battlefield 6 leaked TikTok video

    There’s not much to say about this one, except that the video is no longer on the internet. the video apparently revealed not much substance but confirmed the previous leaks.

    The video also didn’t appear to be made with the intention of releasing it to the public and looks to be made for the purposes of internal viewing.

    “Battlefield 2042” – Title and Cover Art Leak

    The final leak as of the publishing of this article involves the leak of the name of the game and the title card.

    Of all the leaks, this one appears to have the least backing it up, but it originated from the discord servers of aforementioned leaker Tom Henderson. As you can see from the image below, Battlefield 6 will seemingly be called Battlefield 2042.

    From the same leaks, the map is supposed to be the largest in battlefield history, and Battlefield 6 reportedly features a map called Shelf.

    Everything Confirmed About The Next Battlefield So Far

    We know for sure that EA previously revealed four studios to be collaborating on Battlefield 6 including EA DICE, DICE LA, Criterion, and EA Gothenburg. The game is going to launch on new as well as past-gen consoles and PC. Battlefield 6 is expected to launch in Q3 2021, which could be sometime between October and December.

    Battlefield as a franchise has been hailed by fans and critics alike as one of the premier First Person Shooter franchises of all time, and with the previous game in the franchise, Battlefield V not doing as well critically as its predecessors, Battlefield 6 has some huge shoes to fill.

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