Battlefield 2042 To Be Delayed to 2022?

    battlefield 2042 delayed

    Several insiders now claim to have heard that the upcoming Battlefield 2042 launch has been delayed, perhaps even to next year. What can we expect from the latest game in the EA Franchise?

    Battlefield 2042 | EA DICE
    Battlefield 2042 | EA DICE

    To everyone’s surprise, delay season is officially upon us as the first victim of the dreaded game delays has been revealed to be EA DICE’s Battlefield 2042. The game already has had one delay, with its closed beta being delayed earlier this month to sometime in the future. Now, according to two insiders, the game has been delayed altogether to an as-of-yet unknown date.

    The report first arose from noted Xbox informer Shpeshal Nick on Twitter replying to a YouTuber on the topic of a delay to the game, claiming to have heard about the same. This report aligns with a particular tweet earlier today by noted games journalist Jeff Grubb about a “delay season”, which he later clarified was about a single game.

    Grubb then reported via his discord that the delayed game was Battlefield 2042, as was being reported. Jeff has been responsible for many previous leaks in the community, and thus, is a trusted source for news of this ilk. That and the corroboration by Shpeshal Nick seemingly confirms that the news is indeed true.

    It is to be noted that Shpeshal Nick later cleared up his statement, tweeting, “I’m hearing ‘delay’, not necessarily 2022“, which would imply that the game still could release later down this year. The exact date can only be speculated upon without an official statement on the issue by EA, which is to be expected sooner rather than later.

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    Battlefield 2042 had a huge presence in this year’s game show and awards circuit, making itself a huge part of E3, Gamescom, as well as the Game Awards. As such, a delay might hurt the game’s sales figures and audience anticipation. The original release date of the game was supposed to be October 22. However, if a delay helps the developers create a better game, more power to them.

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    UPDATE- The delay is now official according to this press release by EA, as the game has been postponed to a November 19th release.

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