Bandai Namco is hosting a big sale on anime games on Steam over the weekend. The publisher is known for their high output of licensed games based on anime such Dragon Ball, Naruto and Sword Art Online as well as anime styled games such as their ever popular Tales franchise and right now you can grab some those great titles on the cheap.

As with any sale, the plethora of games available can cause potential customers to scratch  their heads in confusion and so to make things a little easier, here’s our recommendations from Bandai Namco’s catalog:

Tales of Symphonia ($4.99/Rs.328)

Screenshot from Tales of Symphonia published by Bandai NamcoTales of Symphonia is often held as the best title in the Tales franchise as well as one of the greatest JRPGs of all time. Originally released for the GameCube back in 2003, the game follows Lloyd Irving as he accompanies his childhood friend Colette on her destined journey to save the world. The game was lauded by critics for its cell shaded art style, real time battle system and likable characters. The PC version is a port of the HD Remaster from the PS3 and although there are some issues to be had with the optimization and well as a couple of dated mechanics, Tales of Symphonia still nonetheless holds up as a top tier title in the JRPG genre.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Series

Screenshot from Nauto Ultimate Ninja Storm published by Bandai NamcoThe Ultimate Ninja Storm franchise by CyberConnect2 is one of the best ways to experience the massive story of Naruto. Spread over 4 main games that cover the entire journey of Naruto, from trouble making kid to the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf, the Storm series recreates the franchise’s most iconic scenes with incredibly cinematic and beautifully rendered cutscenes that are a sight to behold. However the gameplay is no slouch either, with its fast and frantic combat, a plethora of characters with a large variety of abilities and wonderfully detailed animation, the games are a blast to play and a spectacle to behold. The legacy bundle which include all the main games in the series is currently 75% off for the sale.

God Eater 2 Rage Burst ($12.49/Rs.247)

Screenshot from God Eater published by Bandai Namco Two games for the price of one and discounted to boot, you couldn’t really ask for a better deal than this. However sheer bang for your buck is not the only thing God Eater has going for it as these entries in the so called Hunter genre of Action RPGs are not only some of the best in their field but also a bit of a different beast to their compatriots with their greater focus on storytelling and singleplayer content. Both God Eater 1 and 2 have a fairly large campaign that can easily eat up 50 or so hours of your time per game. The stories themselves are quite solid and though they may be reliant on tropes and cliches at times, the cast and plot managed to provide an overall delightful and thrilling experience. As with all tiles of the Hunter genre, every mission is basically a boss battle and through the use of a multitude of customizable weapons as well as the ability to instantly switch between ranged and melee, the combat proves to be a visceral and exciting endeavor. With their fun battles and compelling tales, the God Eater games are a must have for any action fan out there.

And that’s it for our recommendations, though they are still many more great titles up for grabs through Bandai Namco’s Anime Sale so if you wish to check out the full list then click on the link below:


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