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Vaibhav Tiwari

Adobe’s Liquid Mode: The Biggest Change to PDFs is Here

Adobe Liquid Mode for PDFs on mobile is here. What's so special about this? Let's check it out!

OnePlus 8T Launch Date Confirmed: Coming Sooner than You Think

Oneplus will introduce its highly-anticipated — OnePlus 8T — smartphone on 14th of October. Check all the details here.

New Suicide Squad Game Revealed – Justice League are the Villans?

The DC Fandome event brought with it many surprises for DC Fans around the world about movies,...

Internet Breakdown: Major Internet Outages Around The World Due To Cloudflare Error

On Sunday 30 August 2020, many internet services and websites went down in what appeared to be...

Rumour Suggests Apple A14X Bionic Chip On Par With Intel Core i9-9880H

Youtuber Luke Miami has leaked a GeekBench 5 result, which is supposedly a comparison of Apple's A14 Bionic and Intel's i9 9880H.

Gotham Knights Gameplay Details – Are Co-Op Games the Future of Gaming Industry?

Gotham Knights has been finally revealed by WB Games as the next entry in the Batman universe however it including a co-op mode has us concerned. Here's why.

Intel’s Tiger Lake Launch Date Nears: New Transistor Promises Significant Clock Speed Improvements

Intel is all set for the launch of its next-gen Tiger Lake CPUs. The upcoming CPUs are...

WhatsApp Rolls Out New Feature ‘Search The Web’ To Fight the Spreading of Misinformation

WhatsApp is set to roll out a new feature in its efforts to stop the spread of fake information - Search The Web. Here's how it works.