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Tejas Ravishankar

Artificial Intelligence: Technology to Help the Differently-abled

Technology is an outstanding way to change the lives of people with disabilities. Using Artificial Intelligence, many pathways have opened up. Find out more.

Usage of AI in Agriculture May Lead to Enormous Growth

Artificial Intelligence-based agricultural tech products are all set to enter the farming sector with some major growth predicted for the same. Find out more.

Can Science Help Us Find the Perfect Horror Movie?

It's spooky season again and horror fans all around the world are struggling in their search for the scariest movie. Can Science help determine the same?

AI Finds Thematic and Stylistic Connections Between Different Pieces of Art

Critics spend decades trying to find connections between different pieces of art. An AI algorithm has been designed to find hidden connections at the MET.

Tesla Plans To Release Fully Autonomous Cars By The End Of 2020

Tesla is apparently very close to achieving 'level-five' autonomy, which means that soon, there won't be any driver interaction required to run a car.

Viral Parallel Universe Theory Debunked

A parallel universe theory went viral on the internet. Here's how the theory was found to be baseless and soon debunked.

AI That Can Feel And Smell: A Threat To Humans?

The end goal for any Artificial Intelligence enthusiast is to create a model that perfectly mimics the human brain. AI is now able to feel and smell.

Scientists Discover A New Method To Detect Dark Matter

Dark matter is one of the most elusive substances known to mankind. It has been calculated to...