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New Device Created to Collect Energy from Your Sweaty Fingertips

This new device developed by scientists helps collect energy from your sweaty fingertips to generate electricity. Find out how this can be used in daily life.

890-Million-Year-Old Sponge Fossil May be the Earliest Sign of Animal Life: New Study

An 890-million-year-old sponge fossil may be the oldest-known sponge fossil and the earliest form of animal life to have ever existed on Earth. Find out more.

Scientists Discover Mysterious 15,000-Years-Old Viruses in Melting Glaciers of Tibet

Scientists from Ohio State University have discovered mysterious 15,000-years-old viruses in melting glaciers of Tibet, most of which are unknown to humans.

US Researchers Transform a Paralyzed Man’s Brain Waves into Speech

Scientists have created a new device named BRAVO that aids in converting a paralyzed man's brain waves into speech through a process called “Neuroprosthesis”.

DentalSlim Diet Control, Prevents Mouth from Opening: The Ethics Debate

With DentalSlim Diet Control, researchers have created an oral device to tackle obesity, which stops the users from opening their mouths wide enough to eat solid food.

Dirty Laundry in Space? NASA is Sending Tide Detergent to Space

What about laundry in space? Tide detergent is partnering with NASA to find a laundry solution to help keep astronauts’ clothes fresh in space. Find out how.

Deep-Sea Robots Launched by Titanic Discoverer Bob will Help Find Millions of Shipwrecks

Titanic discoverer Bob Ballard, a marine archaeologist, is creating a new class of deep-sea robots that will transform the search for lost shipwrecks.

Drug Made from Deadly Spider Venom Could Repair Hearts

Ever imagined that deadly spider venom could repair hearts? A new drug composed of the venom of the K’gari spider could save the lives of heart attack patients.