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Sarthak Vinchurkar

An avid Gamer and an amateur Music Producer who likes being one of the first to know the latest happenings in the world of Gaming and Tech.

PS5 Event Rumored To Be Set For 12 June

The PS5 event originally scheduled for June 4 has now been postponed till an unannounced date. But we might now have a hint about the new date.

Best Co-op Games To Play With Friends on PC

What's better than to hop into some co-op games in these times with your pals, so here's a list of some of our favourites!

New PS4 Games Must Be PS5 Compatible, Sony Mandates Devs; Reveal Event Rumored For June 3 Sony has...

Get Borderlands: The Handsome Collection For Free on Epic Games Store

This week's Epic freebie has also turned out to be as leaked: Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. Grab it by 4th of June to keep it forever.

Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain Headed onto Steam

Quantic Dream has announced that their critically-acclaimed titles will be arriving to Steam next month after 6 months of Epic Games exclusivity.

Just Die Already Lets You Play as Old People Living The YOLO Life

Just Die Already is Goat Simulator designers' latest new ridiculous sandbox where you play as 80 year olds going all high on life.

Doom Eternal To Remove Denuvo Anti-Cheat After Backlash [Update]

id Software has announced that it will be removing the new Denuvo Anti-Cheat DRM that they added in the last update after it heavily backlashed.

Valorant Launches June 2, No Indian Servers at Launch

Riot Games have announced that Valorant will be launching “across the majority of regions worldwide” this June 2, along with a new mode and servers.

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