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Sankalp Shekhar

Curious about cultural transformations, social innovation, and a firm believer in moonshots. Dream of solving major problems through code, and help others achieve their dreams.

The Untapped Power of Moonshots: A Paradigm Shift

In this article, we explore the untapped power of moonshot thinking, and its impact on modern society.

Learn Why Coronavirus Makes Us Lose Our Sense Of Smell

The loss of sense of smell is considered to be the main symptom in the early onset of the coronavirus. Find out why.

Light vs Dark Mode: Everything You Need to Know

A longstanding debate for years now, Dark Mode has recently come to the spotlight, with all our favourite apps supporting it. Read on to see our take on the matter.

SpaceX Crew Dragon: A New Era For Human Spaceflight

SpaceX created history by being the first private space agency to launch humans into the lower Earth Orbit. We look at the major reasons behind the success.

Evolution Of Drums And Its Impact On Modern Music

Drums were with us from the dawn of mankind. First as natural objects that we could hit,...

The Worldview Of A Drug Addict

How Drugs Work Cocaine, Heroin, Morphine, Ecstasy, Marijuana, even Nicotine, have been classified as the most addictive substances...