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Rahul Majumdar

I've been writing here for quite a while. Tech, Gaming, Film, you name it. Lead Editor here at TechQuila, Editor in Chief at The Screen Zone and ex-feature writer at GamerTweak. Occupational hazards include excessive movie-binge sessions and gaming.

Unreal Engine 5 Revealed to Showcase Next-Gen Photorealistic Visuals on PS5

Epic Games has now revealed the first look at photorealistic visuals in Unreal Engine 5 with a demo running on the upcoming PS5 console.

PlayStation Studios Announced as New Brand For All PlayStation Exclusive Games

Sony has now announced 'PlayStation Studios' as the new brand that'll cover all PlayStation exclusives going forward.

Bloodborne 60 FPS Mod on PS4 Proves Why We Need a Remaster for PS5

Recently YouTuber Lance McDonald managed to patch Bloodborne to run at 60 fps on PS4 and PS4 Pro. Here's why it's a significant feat and why need more official 60 fps support on PS5.

Ryzen 3 3100/3300X vs Intel 10th Gen Equivalents- Squashing Some Misconceptions, Raising Some More

AMD claims that the Ryzen 3 3100 and 3300X win over Intel's 9th gen Core i5 CPUs, but the arrival of 10th-Gen Comet Lake shakes things up.

Dear Xbox, What Even is ‘Gameplay’?

The Inside Xbox event was...underwhelming for many. Here's why the gaming industry needs to get its definition of 'gameplay' straight.

Budget AMD Ryzen 3 3100 and 3300X Indian Pricing Revealed – Starting under INR 10,000

The Ryzen 3 3100 and 3300X Indian Pricing has been revealed and gamers should rejoice at getting a 4 core Zen 2 CPU for under Rs 12000.

Naughty Dog Releases New Trailer for The Last of Us Part II

Naughty Dog has released a brand new story trailer for The Last of Us Part II, following the recent announcement of the game going gold.

EA Suggests Sony Might Have Its Own Version of Smart Delivery for Free Next-Gen PS5 Upgrades

According to EA's recent earnings call, it seems like Sony will also have a similar feature like smart delivery to upgrade current gen games to next-gen for free.

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