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Priyanka Shorewala

Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for...

5 Most Popular 18+ Adult Movies on Netflix | Fifty Shades Freed, 365 Days and More

If you're interested to watch something less conventional, then this list of adult movies on Netflix might just be what you need.

Indoor Ventilation: An Efficient Way to Prevent COVID-19

Researchers say strong indoor ventilation with handwashing, mask-wearing, social distancing, and reduced room density are the keys to reduce COVID-19's spread.

National Nutrition Week 2020 | All You Need To Know

National Nutrition Week (NNW) is an annual nutrition event organized by the Government of India from 1st to 7th September to create awareness about nutrition.

6 Best Flyer Designing Software and Tools

Want to improve your flyer designing game? We've got your back, as we bring you our top 6 picks for the best flyer designing software and tools out there!

PM Modi to Inaugurate First World Solar Technology Summit 2020

The First World Solar Technology Summit is to be organized by the International Solar Alliance (ISA) on a virtual platform on 8th September 2020 at 16:30 IST.

Tiny Robot Beetle Powered by Alcohol

Unlike other robots which depend on batteries, this tiny robot beetle uses methanol as a fuel for a micro muscle and weighs less than a gram.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Android in 2020 | World Photography Day

Taking a picture can be frustrating with even a hundred attempts resulting in undesirable products. Check out our list of the best photo editing apps for Android in 2020.

Locusts Turned into Successful Bomb-sniffing Cyborgs by Scientists

This new research focuses on changing locusts from all-devouring pests to bomb-sniffing cyborgs and giving them a new job to do. Find out more.