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Chhavi Arora

Online Ventures Survive COVID-19 Lockdown

The most challenging task for industries right now is the transition of their workforces to online platforms to continue the workflow.

Global Economic Impact Of The Pandemic

The global economic impact of the pandemic. Economic activity has come to a halt, hurting businesses and causing people to lose their jobs.

‘Lucky’ Image Of Jupiter Captured

Scientists have discovered new means to image Jupiter in all its glory using revolutionary techniques. Read more to find out.

Einstein Proved Right as ESO Telescope Sees Star Orbiting Black Hole

Einstein's General Relativity predicts that bound orbits of one object around another are not closed, as in...

Imagination To Reality In The Field Of Education

Each one of us, at some given point of time, has imagined ways of studying that is...

Can AI Do A World Of Good In The Race To Find A COVID-19 Vaccine?

“Ultimately, we need a cure. To be able to tackle that, we need to accelerate science. We...

To What Extent Can AI Help Us Fight Against COVID-19?

The use of Artificial Intelligence in response to the rapidly growing COVID-19 is a growing area of...