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Aryan Roy

Ocean Currents Like Earth Could Be on Enceladus Too: New Analysis

A new analysis suggests that Enceladus' ocean could have currents just like Earth. Find out more.

New Molecules Identified in Space for The First Time

Researchers have identified a class of molecules in outer space that had never been seen outside a planet before.

Smallest Gravitational Field Measurement Ever Made: New Experiment

Researchers have measured the gravitational field of the smallest object ever. Find out more.

Earth’s Magnetic Field Flipped A Long Time Ago: New Discovery

In a new discovery, researchers have found the implications of magnetic field switch that happened 42,000 years ago.

A Cluster of Stars Filled with Black Holes: New Discovery

Researchers have discovered solar-mass black holes at the center of a globular cluster a few thousand light years away.

Particles Accelerated Due to Radiation Belt Around Earth

In a new discovery, researchers have discovered particles can be accelerated to neat light speeds by the radiation belt around Earth. Find out more.

A New Laser System Cuts Through the Atmosphere Effortlessly

A new technology developed by researchers can use laser to communicate through the atmosphere effortlessly. Find out more.

‘Polaron’ Quasiparticles Observed for The First Time: New Study

In a new discovery, researchers have observed polarons, a type of quasiparticles in perovskite. Find out more.