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Aryan Roy

‘Polaron’ Quasiparticles Observed for The First Time: New Study

In a new discovery, researchers have observed polarons, a type of quasiparticles in perovskite. Find out more.

Astronomers Have Found a Super-Earth in Our Galaxy: New Study

Astronomers are constantly peering through different instruments out towards the Universe. In hopes of unraveling the biggest...

New Living Material Made from Kombucha

MIT researchers have created a new living material from kombucha SCOBY which can easily made in homes. Find out more.

People Without Symptoms Responsible for Spreading 50% of New COVID Infections

A new study published recently claims that 50 percent of the new infections are caused by people without any symptoms.

Whales Returning to Polar Waters After 40 Years

40 years after the ban on whaling took hold, whales are returning to their polar habitats. Find out more.

Well-Preserved Woolly Rhino Recovered from Siberian Ice

In a new discovery, a well-preserved carcass of a woolly Rhino has been recovered from Siberian permafrost. Find out more.

New Species Discovered in the Atlantic

A dozen new species have been discovered in the North Atlantic Ocean under the ATLAS project. Find out more.

Exciting Radio Signal from Proxima Centauri Detected: New Discovery

An exciting new radio signal from the Proxima Centauri system has been detected and has grabbed the attention of the scientific community.

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