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Aryan Roy

The Atmosphere of An Exoplanet That Should Not Exist: New Study

A new exoplanet with an atmosphere has been discovered that should not exist. Find out more.

Monkeys and Self Domestication: A New Study

A new study has suggested that monkeys could be under a process of self-domestication right now. Find out more.

Humans are So Adaptable Because of Earth’s Climate From 320,000 Years Ago

Researchers have figured out how the environment influenced the humans of early and middle stone age and their technology.

Fast Radio Bursts Originating in Our Galaxy Caught Again

Fast radio bursts are not rarely detected twice from the same source, however, researchers have done just that. Find out more.

NASA Touches Down on An Asteroid Successfully

NASA has confirmed that their probe has successfully reached the asteroid Bennu yesterday. Find out more.

Space Outside the Solar System is Denser: New Study

New data from the Voyager probes indicates that space is denser outside the Solar System. Find out more.

Melting Glaciers and A New Field of Archaeology

Melting glaciers have revealed multiple ancient artifacts which has lead to the creation of a new field of research known as glacier archaeology.

How Life Blooms in Deserts, Reveals Surprising New Data

Newly revealed data shows that we have highly underestimated the number of trees in the Sahara, proving life is much more resilient than we thought.

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