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The Most Precise Measurements of Dark Matter Yet

The precise measurements of dark matter have been a long time mystery. Now, scientists have shed light on the topic with exciting additions. Find out more.

Amazon Sends Legal Notice to Future Group Over Deal with Reliance Retail

Amazon after striking a deal with the Future Group, has sent them a legal notice concerning the breach on contract by the group over a deal with Reliance Retail

Scientists Detect Phosphine Gas on Venus; Indicates Possibility of Alien life

Phosphine usually indicates the presence of living creatures. Scientists have found traces of the gas on Venus, further studies might give us our answer!

YouTube Shorts is Here to Potentially Rival TikTok

YouTube Shorts is the new feature by YouTube, which is similar to TikTok and other apps which have been releasing some similar kind of features for users!

Facebook Campus by Facebook Promises to be a Student-Only Social Network!

Facebook actually comes back to its root by introducing Facebook Campus which is now an additional feature which will now be available for students only!

Zoom Supporting Two-Factor Authentication Both for Mobile and Desktop Versions

Zoom has addressed the security issues by introducing two-factor authentication for better security of users. Earlier, Zoom even introduced e2e for all users!

Disney Planning to Launch Exciting Watch Party Feature Called GroupWatch!

Disney is planning a Watch Party feature, Disney is not the first streaming platform to do so. This surely will be an interesting feature if it gets launched!

Welcome, Edison’s New OnMail, Which is Absolutely Free of Ad-Targeting!

Edison's OnMail is here to change the whole email game! It has just been made available in public beta and it has privacy control and no ad targeting at all!