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Anish Reddy

The Ichthyosaur Might Have Been Bigger Than the Blue Whale

Thriving in the Mesozoic Era, Ichthyosaurs were a group of aquatic reptiles similar to porpoises in appearance and habits.

Simple But Effective Dietary Choices You Can Make

The fitness and health bandwagon - a trend that everyone hops on to but only a few persist. Here are a few simple and effective ways to hack your diet.

The Most Anticipated Technologies Of The Future

With the world progressing at a blazing pace in different fields, there’s something to discover every day. Check out our picks for technologies to look out for!

Chernobyl Today: What is it like?

The Chernobyl disaster is considered to be one of the worst nuclear catastrophes experienced by mankind. This article covers the impact of the disaster.

This Creepy Liquid Goes Against Gravity And Flows Forever

If poured into a glass and stirred, this liquid will flow forever. However, there's one condition - the fluid doesn't seep through the glass itself.

Could Elon Musk Be The World’s First Trillionaire?

With the success of the Crew Dragon launch, NASA’s collaboration with Musk's SpaceX has been one of the most game-changing alliances ever.

Here’s What These Intriguing Eye Floaters Actually Are

Ever speculated if you were seeing floating germs? Read on to understand muscae volitantes, more commonly known as eye floaters.

Here Is Why 2020 Is The Worst Year On Record

2020 has been a whiplash for us so far. We might’ve come into this year with new resolutions, in hopes of wiping the slate and starting over. Everything was going fine, until it wasn't.