Asus Working on BIOS Updates to Bring Windows 11 on Unsupported Intel PCs

    Asus is working on BIOS updates to support Windows 11

    Asus is working on BIOS updates to support Windows 11 on unsupported Intel CPUs. Windows 11 was one of the biggest announcements made this year; not only it upgraded a lot in terms of the UI when compared to Windows 10, but Microsoft also gave a lot of attention to the security of the Operating System. This made them using TPM 2.0 chips, and it also meant that older systems that may not have the Chip wouldn’t be compatible with the OS.

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    Adderesing this issue, Asus is testing and validating BIOS updates for a lot of their older motherboards based on Intel’s 200-series and 100-series chipsets. These new updates would allow users to run Windows 11 on a system with an unsupported CPU. So, if you’ve got either a 6th generation Skylake or 7th generation Kaby Lake processor from Intel, then you may as well not need to upgrade as your processor should be able to run Windows 11 with a simple BIOS update. The new BIOS updates from ASUS would most probably enable PTT by default, so that would help Windows 11 recognize that the required security protocol is present and turned on.

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    Even Microsoft did add a lot of CPUs to its official Windows 11 compatibility list. Before, even 7th Gen systems weren’t supported with the OS, but now it seems like the added ones are all from Intel’s 7th generation Core series. Microsoft has updated the Windows 11 microsite, and it even lists a whole bunch of motherboards based on Intel’s Z270, Q270, H270, B250, Z170, H170, Q170, B150, and H110 chipsets as being compatible with Windows 11. However, they have clearly mentioned that they are still currently testing.

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