Asus w/ AMD Ryzen 5 3550H & NVIDIA GTX 1650 on Sale for 53K: Best Budget Gaming Laptop


    There’ve been some incredible deals on Asus gaming laptops of late. Earlier, we covered a promotional event that brought pricing on the NVIDIA GTX 1650 equipped Strix G down to just 70K. Today, we’re looking at models from both Asus and Acer that feature even more compelling prices, without compromising too much on specs. Let’s take a look:

    Acer Nitro AN515-52

    Price: Rs. 42,990 (Link)

    First up, we have the Acer Nitro AN515-52. Performance isn’t exactly mind-blowing. We’re talking about a GTX 1050 paired with a Quad-Core i5 8300H. The display is a 1080p IPS panel and you get a nice, backlit keyboard. It’s just about enough to offer a good 1080p gaming experience, though you’ll likely want something a bit beefier to consistently hit 60 FPS. At just 42K, though it’s a remarkable value. It’s cheaper than an iPad and just a few thousand more than many entry-level i3 integrated graphics laptops. You also get a 1TB hard drive and 8 gigs of RAM. For that extra 10k, you’re getting a system with genuine gaming chops. While it isn’t the best performer here, it’s fantastic value. 


    Price: Rs. 44,990 (Link)

    Next, we have the ASUS TUF FX505DY-BQ002T. This is a pure AMD system with a quad-core Ryzen 5 3550H, paired with a Radeon RX 560X. The latter is a cut-down Polaris part that offers more or less equivalent graphics performance to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050. For 45K, a 3K increase from the Acer model, you get graphics performance that’s on par, but significantly better CPU power. With laptops, CPU bottlenecks are often exacerbated, even with lower-power graphics hardware. The Ryzen 5 3550H is a fantastic processor, something that’d pair well with a much faster GPU than the 560X. We’d expect overall performance on the Asus to be better than the Acer Nitro, making that small increase in price worthwhile. As with the previous model, you get 8 gigs of RAM and a 1 TB hard drive. There’s no SSD to speak of here though.

    ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DT

    Price: Rs. 52,990 (Link)

    The last offer we’re looking at is the most expensive. But look at it another way and it’s by far the cheapest GTX 1650-equipped laptop ever. At Rs. 53K, it is an absolute steal. This gaming laptop has more or less equivalent specs to the earlier GTX 1650-equipped Strix model we covered. This is part of the TUF line, though, so you miss out on some of the gamer flair. The internals haven’t been compromised at all, though. You get the capable Ryzen 5 3550H paired a GeForce GTX 1650.

    To put this into perspective, the GTX 1650 performs more or less on par with the GTX 970. When that card launched, custom models could go for as much as 35K. The entire Asus laptop costs you 52K and delivers more or less that level of performance. You get a 512GB SSD, a 120 Hz IPS panel at Full HD, and 8 Gigs of 2666 MHz RAM. These are serious gaming specs and we’ve never seen a laptop packing this hardware at this price point. For about Rs. 8000 more than the Asus TUF, you’re getting nearly twice the graphics horsepower, along with a large SSD. To put that into perspective, a 512 GB SSD alone can cost close to that much. If you’re in the market for a midrange gaming laptop, this is it.

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