ASUS Suggests Launch of Updated Intel 9th Gen CPUs With New Stepping

    updated 9th gen intel cpus

    Asus recently announced their 300 Series boards will soon be getting BIOS updates for the upcoming new and refined 9th Gen Intel chips which are based on better stepping. The chips are expected to arrive around the time of Q2 2019 and majority of Asus’s Z390, H370, B360 and H310 motherboard platforms have already got the BIOS update. You can read more about the 9th Gen chips here

    This could mean better stock performance, improved overclocking and perhaps a much more refined voltage to frequency curve. The updates could realistically provide anything from minor bug fixes to improvement in overall board architecture. Since Intel keeps this info close to chest though, we won’t be knowing for sure anytime soon

    There has however been no official comment from Intel’s side regarding this nor have we heard anything about the 10th generation chips based on smaller 10nm processes. It is unlikely though that Intel will unveil both a new socket and a new chipset together right now.

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