Testosterone Could Help Subdue Asthma

    Asian woman using a pressurized cartridge inhaler extended pharynx, Bronchodilator

    Asthma is a highly inconvenient disease that can cause multiple problems for anyone that contracts it. It is a fairly common disease in modern society, and the current pollution levels in all the major cities around the world have only added to the problem. The disease is highly treatable; however, no cure exists for it.

    Certain inhalable medicines are available, which can provide immediate relief to the shortness of breath caused by the disease. This does not mean that it is not a big problem, as anyone suffering from it has to bear the load of an inadequate respiratory system in addition to their other problems.

    Recent research has sought to explain the different patterns that have emerged in the contraction of this disease. What the study found was that testosterone could help suppress asthma caused by inhaling airborne allergens such as pollen and dust. This also helps explain why there’s a disparity between the number of men and women who suffer from lung disease.

    The exact relationship of the hormone to the disease is complicated. What the researchers have found is that the hormone influences the group of immune cells that are the first line of defence and are also responsible for inflammation in the lungs during an asthma attack.

    Inhalable medicine provides immediate relief to Asthma attacks.

    To determine how Testosterone affects this inflammation, a group of mice that were exposed to the allergen was given this hormone, and sure enough, the observations indicated that the hormone reduced the inflammatory response.

    The research is important to determine how and why diseases affect males and females differently in humans, and studying the immune system with sex hormones is the ideal way to study it. These findings could potentially lead to better treatments and better ways to manage the symptoms of such problematic diseases.

    Mice were used to study the effects of Testosterone on inflammation in lungs.

    The disease has infected people in scores around the world. Researchers decided to look into the role of hormones in the response and resistance to asthma because of a pattern that emerged in the statistics of the asthma rates.

    As children, boys are more likely than girls to have asthma; however, as they reach puberty, the rates shift to the other side, and by midlife, women are more likely to have asthma than men. The biggest change that occurs during puberty is the sex hormones that start being produced in a large quantity driving the behavioural and physical changes in boys and girls. This caught the eyes of researchers who decided to dig further with the results being published recently.

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