ASRock has already updated it’s road-map only a few months after entering the GPU industry. A 2nd-gen Radeon RX (MK2) are slated to be released in August. The new MK2 series will be offered alongside the current RX 500 models. The current RX 500 models have been already tested by some tech reviewers and have started entering new markets.

ASRock Radeon 500 Series

Some rumors pointed at ASRock planning to introduce RX Vega graphics with custom cooling solutions. But the updated road-map slide does not mention anything about these new cards.

ASRock Radeon 500 SeriesThe most interesting part of this new, updated road-map is the lack of any future Radeon series till February or March 2019. This means, we would have to wait almost a whole year for the new ASRock Radeon 600 graphics cards to appear or for the 500 series to lose relevance.

At the same time, NVIDIA has also been tight lipped about their next-gen Turing GPUs. There have been so many rumors regarding the GeForce GTX 1180 that it’s hard to take any new ones seriously. AMD has been stuck in the mid-range GPU segment for a while now and it seems that won’t change for at least another year. The Radeon RX 500 cards are decent GPUs but not the best when you consider the TDP and the thermals. Plus, the architecture is quite dated. It’d be nice to have something new from AMD’s RTG division to provide NVIDIA with some much needed competition.

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