ASRock has uploaded a video to its YouTube channel teasing its upcoming Graphics Cards. Branded as Phantom Gaming, similar to it’s former parent company ASUS’s Republic of Gamers (ROG), ASRock is set to venture into the GPU market as a third-party manufacturer.

ASRock Graphics CardThe video shows off what seems to be the heatsink and the fans of the Graphics Cards. The words “Fast”, “Mysterious”, and “Unpredictable” are flashed repeatedly. No concrete specs or details are shown, it’s more of a marketing stunt.

Apart from the heatsink, some of the features notably visible in the video include a dual-fan cooling system as well as a PCIe power connector.

ASRock Graphics Card

ASRock was spun off from ASUS in 2002 in order to compete for the inexpensive motherboard market. In the mid-2000s, the company began to expand its product lineups moving upstream and eventually participating in the same segments as ASUS.

Ultimately, ASRock became a part of Pegatron (another former subsidiary of ASUS) and started offering miniature consumer PCs, servers, industrial PCs, routers and so on. Apparently, in the coming weeks the company is going to expand its product portfolio with graphics cards (and, perhaps, other products that belong to the gaming category), taking another step towards its parent company.

 Source: Anandtech
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  1. Funny to see Asrock kicking some big names, even Asus 🙂 I bet they are not happy about how things turned out after the spin off .

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