Gaming Fundraiser, Armistice, Raises $380K for Children Affected by War


    Armistice, a gaming fundraiser from War Child UK and its US partner Children in Conflict, raised a record $380,000 in 2018 for the support of children whose lives have been torn apart by war. With this, the organization has raised a total of $759,695 for its cause since its creation in 2016.

    In 2018, these charities worked with 20 major studios during November to give the gaming community an opportunity to participate in “peaceful gameplay” via exclusive content distributed through Steam, Amazon App Store and Google Play. Live Streams to inspire the donations were also held.

    Some of the content made available for this event includes “War Child Charity DLC” for World War One title, 11-11 Memories Untold, a “Peace Stand” in Prison Architect and a Virtual Reality collaboration with Dick Wilde.

    Screenshot of War Child Charity DLC from 11-11 Memories Untold

    Below are some statements from people involved in the campaign:

    Lionel Lovisa, Producer for 11-11: Memories Retold at Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe said “With 11-11: Memories Retold we wanted to make a game that goes beyond traditional entertainment.With that in mind, working together with War Child UK made a lot of sense.

    Bringing more fun to everyone is the mission of Bandai Namco Entertainment but we know that “fun” can be a privilege that many can’t afford. We hope the 11-11: Memories Retold charity DLC will help War Child accomplish more today while it also reminds everyone about the human realities of being drown into conflict.For a better tomorrow we need to remember the lessons of the past.

    Artiom Muraska, Regional Publishing Director, WoT Europe, which has supported Armistice from the beginning, commented; “We were thrilled and honoured for the third consecutive year to once again be part of the Armistice Campaign supporting the incredible and invaluable work that War Child UK do. The response from our amazing World Of Tanks players was overwhelming and a resounding success beating all previous years.

    So, from us all at Wargaming, we would like to take this opportunity to thank every one of our dedicated players for their participation and generosity without whom none of this would be possible.”

    Wayne Emanuel, Head of Gaming Partnerships, War Child UK, “The gaming sector deserves huge recognition for the backing it has given and the funds it has raised so far on our journey. We intend to continue growing Armistice and working with as many conflict-themed games as possible to raise awareness and support children who have felt the effects of war. With such engagement and a strong sense of community from gamers and willingness to support from developers, publishers and platforms, there is an enormous opportunity to make gaming a platform for positive change.”

    Armistice’s parent organization, War Child UK, has to date brought in $4.3 Million through gaming with partnerships across the PC, Console and Mobile space as well as through Live Streaming and support from the gaming community. The money raised is sent to War Child programmes such as supporting Syrian children to access education, to reintegrating child soldiers in the Central African Republic and promoting justice for young people in detention in Afghanistan”.

    This year, War Child aims to continue its work in gaming with RE-PLAY in April, an event will focus on “taking players back to their childhood favourites with downloadable retro themed games and events all to raise money and awareness for children affected by conflict”.

    The gaming studios which participated in the event include:

    • BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
    • PlayStack
    • Game Insight
    • Imperia Online JSC
    • Gameloft
    • Introversion Software
    • Digital Legends
    • Madfinger Games
    • Tencent/Miniclip
    • Studio Diva
    • Social Point
    • Positech Games
    • Amanita Design
    • Six Foot Europe
    • Fireproof Games
    • Devolver Digital
    • Dinosaur Polo Club
    • Revolution Software
    • 505 Games

    Finally, here’s an overview of War Child UK and its partner, Children in Conflict:

    About War Child UK

    War Child is striving for a world where children’s lives are no longer torn apart by war.

    We protect, educate and stand up for the rights of children caught up in conflict. We aim to reach children as early as possible when conflict breaks out, and stay to support them through their recovery – helping to keep them safe, give them an education, and equip them with skills for the future.

    We understand children’s needs, respect their rights, and put them at the centre of the solution – from supporting Syrian children to access education, to reintegrating child soldiers in the Central African Republic and promoting justice for young people in detention in Afghanistan. Together with our partners we work in 15 countries across Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and Latin America.

    We also work with children and young people to change systems and practices that affect them – campaigning on the root causes of conflict and demanding that children are at the centre of humanitarian response.

    Charity number: 1071659


    Children in Conflict is working in partnership with War Child UK, who work in several conflict countries around the world.  Children in Conflict will use the money raised in the US to fund programmes delivered by War Child UK which keep children safe and provide them with trauma counselling and education.


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