If there’s one thing that the PCMR community will brag about, it’s the availability of increasing heap of cheap games (or maybe even free). Console owners have to pay a fee to play online. And while it’s kinda sad, it usually comes with its own perks. Like the XBox Live Gold subscription. And like every month, this April is going to see some pretty sweet deals for XBox owners!

Xbox Live One XStarting with The Witness, which will be available for free the entire month. Next up will be Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, which users can get from April 16th to May 15th. While the Xbox Live Gold price of the game isn’t as low as PC owners can get it for, it’s still a good deal regardless. Superhot, will still be available for free download until April 16.Assassin's Creed: Syndicate available on Xbox LiveThings are looking good for original owners of the X-Box 360. The first half of April will see them getting Cars 2, while in the second half they’ll be getting their hands on Dead Space 2.

The PS4 owners have got their exclusives (The Last of Us, Uncharted, Detriot Become Human), so this is something the Xbox Owners can finally brag about. That is if you have the Xbox Live Gold subscription. If not, then things will probably be bleak if you’re an Xbox One owner.

It may not seem like much, but free or even cheap AAA games are always welcome, and allow players to get a taste of titles they might not have been able to purchase or play otherwise.

If these deals don’t catch your eye, be sure to check out the ongoing Xbox spring sale, as that surely will. If you have the Gold subscription, then you’ll thank your past self for paying those sweet dollars for it. While the sale is available for all players, including those who don’t have Xbox Live Gold, those who do have it will find themselves availing some added discounts. I know people who don’t have it will probably rage quit this page and start cursing themselves, but folks if there is someone you should blame it’s Microsoft. So open your favorite sub-Reddits and let the anger flow. Cheers!

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