Apple’s MacBook will get a refreshed lineup very soon, and as long as you’re not one of those super picky techies who want everything latest and “future-proof”, Apple’s current gen MacBooks are on a hefty discount right now.

According to Apple authorized reseller Adorama & AppleInsider’s Apple Price Guide, the mid 2017 MacBook Pro lineup is currently under a massive discount, with savings ranging from $50 all the way up to $300 !

And to add a cherry on top, Adorama is not going to collect any sales tax on orders shipped outside New York and New Jersey. You must use the promo code APINSIDER on checkout and your additional discount will be processed.MacBook ProThe 2017 refresh of the MacBook Pro lineup saw quite an update to the lineup. Along with the regular MacBooks, we also saw the rise of the Touch Bar. While it wasn’t as ‘revolutionary’ as Apple wanted us to believe it, the amount of developer support that it has gotten is quite staggering.

Anyway, if a MacBook Pro seems too expensive still for all your media consumption woes, you might want to wait it out.MacBook ProThe full details of the offer are available here. Keep in mind that you’re gonna have to buy through Adorama’s website to avail said offer (and apply the promo code in order to reap the full benefit of it). Use the handy price guide above while making your decision.

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