Apple Watch 8 to Show More Vitals — Including Blood Pressure, Sugar & Alcohol Levels

    Apple Watch. Courtesy: Pocketlint

    We have all fancied checking vitals every now and then a Sci-Fi movie has come around. Today’s smartwatches have pushed barriers and now real time stats are available at the twist of your wrist. Apple Watch has been at the forefront of this health-conscious change and has been credited for helping save lives on more than one occasion. Fresh rumours on Apple Watch 8’s feature list signifies a strong hold in market technology again.

    What’s on the Watch?

    Now, first things first, the Apple Watch 8 is still some time away, with a probable launch in 2022. Apple will continue with 2021’s scheduled launches including a refresh to the Apple Watch sometime during the fall.

    Apple Watch is one of the most recognizable smartwatches out there. Courtesy: The Verge
    Apple Watch is one of the most recognizable smartwatches out there. Courtesy: The Verge

    Apple Watch 8 leaks however have caught our eye and why not. The Telegraph has reportedly uncovered fresh SEC documents that indicate how Apple has been the main contributor of a huge portion of their income for the past 2 years and also one of the largest company doing business with them. These SEC documents belong to UK based firm Rockley Photonics.

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    Rockley Photonics, mainly deals medical equipment and fabricating sensors that measure blood pressure, sugar, lactate, alcohol, carbon monoxide, core temperature and glucose levels.

    Apple Watch 8 Probable Features

    Rockley CEO, Andrew Rickman, disclosed to The Telegraph his expectations of seeing such sensors to be available in consumer products but he didn’t disclose if that product would be an Apple product or not. While blood glucose sensor is rumoured to debut in Apple Watch 7, other features like blood pressure and alcohol measuring abilities can be expected in Apple Watch 8.

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