Apple Hints A Mysterious Device in AppleCare Memo — December 8th Launch?


    Its been a ball for Apple this year with rolling successes from updated iPads, the new line-up of iPhones, much-anticipated launch of M1 based Mac products and many more. Surprisingly, the Cupertino-based company seems to be cooking something more. Tech-tember has stretched out to December and we are loving it!

    Apple Event
    Apple has been conducting online events this year. Courtesy: The Motley Fool

    What’s for dessert this Christmas? An Apple!

    MacRumours obtained a leak from a reliable source, where Apple seems to have sent out an internal memo to its service provider hinting at changes for AppleCare planned for Tuesday, December 8th. Apple has started prepping for launch of a new product by advising technicians to boot up for new product SKUs (stock-keeping unit), new/updated product descriptions and new/updated product pricing.

    MacRumours earlier covered an insight in an article after an enigmatic but reliable Twitter source who goes by the name L0vetodream, hinted at a “surprise” from Apple for Christmas.

    L0vetodream tweeted earlier this year.

    After quite a few mega Apple events this year, its highly improbable that Apple will conduct another Apple event. However, it might release some new updates to existing line-up, refreshing products just before the holiday season. Changes in pricing can also be a possibility.

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