Apple Music is Now Available on Google Assistant Devices; Stream over 70 Million Songs on Your Smart Devices


    Apple Music has been on android devices for a really long time, and now it is coming to Google Assistant-enabled devices like Nest Audio, Nest Hub Max, Nest Mini, and more. You can now ask Google Assistant on Google Nest and other Assistant-enabled smart speakers and displays to play all the music you love on Apple Music.

    Nest Cam IQ Indoor supports Google Assistant

    To play music from Apple Music, you have to first link your Apple Music account in the Google Home app. Then, all you have to do is say, “Hey Google, play New Music Daily playlist,” or “Hey Google, play Rap Life playlist.” You can also ask Google to play any song, artist, playlist or music based on genre, mood, or activity. Apple Music can also be selected as your default music streaming service.

    If you have more than one compatible smart speaker or display, you can use our multi-room control feature in the Google Home app or on a Nest smart display to dynamically move your music from one device to the other, and even play music on all of the devices in your home by saying, “Hey Google, play music on all my speakers.” Apple Music will begin rolling out today on Nest and other Assistant-enabled smart speakers and displays in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany and Japan.

    apple music vs spotify
    Spotify is accusing Apple of monopolistic trade practices 

    Sad Spotify Sounds

    As you know, Spotify has been quite upset lately because of Apple’s monopoly. Less than an hour after the conclusion of Time Flies Event, Spotify issued a statement hinting at competitive Apple One Subscription plans. The statement accuses Apple of using its dominant position to harm competitive behaviour.

    “Once again, Apple is using its dominant position and unfair practices to disadvantage competitors and deprive consumers by favouring its own services. We call on competition authorities to act urgently to restrict Apple’s anti-competitive behaviour, which if left unchecked, will cause irreparable harm to the developer community and threaten our collective freedoms to listen, learn, create, and connect.”

    Spotify’s Response to Apple One Subscription

    This move was speculated for a really long time, and people are really happy and welcome this move. With Apple Music now available not only on android devices but also on Google Assistant-enabled devices, they definitely have an upper leg over Spotify now. 


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