Apple iPhone 12 Series Pricing Revealed – Quite The Gradient!

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This is perhaps the earliest we’ve received news of purported iPhone pricing amongst previous years. If you’ve kept your ear to the ground over the last few weeks, chances are you have heard some rumor regarding the iPhone 12 and its camera set-up or notch design (which is still under heated debate). Now, according to Jon Prosser’s (FrontPageTech) “sources” from inside Apple, we’re receiving the first word regarding the prices of these coveted series of devices from the world’s most valuable company.

Jon Prosser’s recent tweet.

Jeff Pu, *ahem, sorry* John Prosser’s leaks and revelations with respect to Apple products have consistently been spot on leading us to to take in this tweet with more than just a pinch of salt. With such a diverse pricing breakup, I’m positive Apple will still rake in the moolah this financial year despite the ongoing recession. Let’s not forget that they now have the iPhone SE (2020) to push sales in the budget category in addition to the iPhone 11 (which will probably quite heavily discounted after the launch of the iPhone 12).

iPhone 12 Pro
Possible LIDAR on the iPhone 12 Pro?

With this, Apple will be completely shaking up its portfolio of iPhones. There will soon be an iPhone out there for everyone and for every 100th dollar you’re willing to splurge. Come what may, Apple is definitely looking at a very successful quarter once the iPhone 12 launches, given the intense hype and fanfare surrounding this phone. If you’re bent on jumping into Apple’s ecosystem RIGHT NOW, then we’d recommend purchasing the rather capable iPhone SE on the cheap!

iPhone 12 leaks
iPhone 12 fan renders – We may be seeing a smaller notch and boxier frame!
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As and when we get new information / leaks pertaining to the iPhone 12 lineup, you can count on TechQuila to keep you covered!

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