Apple Bans Fortnite From App Store For The Next Five Years


    Fortnite is one of the biggest battle royale games that we’ve seen in recent years, while its popularity may have been hit, there are still a whole bunch of people who play the game. The game was available on most of the platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. However, due to some recent events, the game was removed from the Apple App store. Turns out this was because of some Apple policy that even lead to a lawsuit recently where there was no clear winner, but Apple did have to change their policies.

    Now, the Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has revealed that Apple has rejected the company’s request to re-instate Epic’s developer account, this means they’ve banned Fortnite from returning to the App Store following the legal battle between Epic and Apple. He himself revealed on social media this morning a letter sent to him by Apple rejecting Epic’s request to have its developer program account reinstated. If you aren’t aware of this, an Apple Developer Account is required to develop and deliver apps on iOS.

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    The lawsuit that is being talked about here happened all because Epic pushed back against Apple’s payment of 30% fee taken from every digital transaction in Fortnite. Epic protested by offering its own payment option in the iOS app, which led Apple to remove Fortnite from iOS devices, after Epic Games filed lawsuits Epic lost its Apple Developer Account and Fortnite remain unavailable on Apple devices.

    As for what happened at the actual lawsuit, it went to trial and the judge ruled that external payment systems should be allowed on apps available in the App Store. Just as said before, there wasn’t any winner here, as the judge ordered to pay Apple $6 million in fines.

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