Casey Hudson, one of the most accomplished video game developers in the industry, now also the GM at BioWare has said that the studio’s upcoming MMORPG Anthem will be “unlike any other game you’ve played”. In a blog update, Casey who also directed the original Mass Effect Trilogy and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, discussed the challenges BioWare has and will be facing in the future.

BioWare MMORPG like Destiny Anthem Mass Effect
BioWare Edmonton team

On the Bioware blog, Casey Hudson said how the failures of Mass Effect Andromeda frustrated his team, and how they are planning to make up for it in Anthem. The lack of a single player DLC for Andromeda rubbed off many players in the wrong way, who took to Reddit and other social media platforms to speak out against BioWare and EA.

Along with the former GM Aryn Flynn, Hudson has been with BioWare since the very beginning. Roughly 20 years ago, Casey Hudson joined BioWare when the Canadian studio was composed of a small team of developers. None of these people were masters of their respective art, but they managed to make classics like Baldur’s Gate, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire. Following the acquisition by EA, the same studio made many hit AAAs, like the Mass Effect Trilogy and the Dragon Age saga, the former being a project led by Hudson himself.

Roughly a couple of years ago, when Andromeda was still in development, Hudson left the studio to join Microsoft’s project Hololens (and augmented reality) as a creative lead. He returned when Aryn Flynn the then GM, left BioWare to take his place as the new head of BioWare.

BioWare MMORPG like Destiny Anthem Mass Effect
Casey Hudson

As per Hudson, he and his team are hard at work on Anthem to create an unparalleled story driven game, with the kind of lovable characters BioWare is known for. It is something you can experience with your friends and will feel very “BioWare”, if they get it right that is.

This gives me the Star Wars The Old Republic vibes. The Old Republic started off in a very successful manner, but later was abandoned by half of the player base, forcing EA to make the game free-for-all in a new hybrid approach. Let’s hope Anthem lives upto expectations cos I’m dying for that special BioWare experience. We’ll keep you updated on this as more details about Anthem surface. The official blog post is as follows:

Humans! It’s going to be an exciting year. There’s so much going on that I wanted to set up a blog where I can share some thoughts and news with you directly. This is the first entry in a series where I’d like to talk about our vision for BioWare, what that means for our upcoming titles, and share some stories about development as we head towards the launch of Anthem.

I started at BioWare 20 years ago. I’ve worked on several of our titles, most notably as the Producer/Director of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the Mass Effect Trilogy. A few years ago, I took some time away to try something different, and had an amazing experience working at Microsoft on mixed-reality and HoloLens. But the Great White North called me home once again when I was offered the opportunity to return to BioWare as General Manager. The idea of leading the company that I was part of building for so long, and returning to work on the game worlds that I love, was one I couldn’t pass up.

When I returned to BioWare last summer, Mass Effect: Andromeda had just been released and there was a significant movement among players asking for a story DLC that would answer questions surrounding the fate of the quarians. As you know, we were not able to deliver story DLC for Andromeda—this was as frustrating for us as it was for players, and it was something we knew we had to solve in future games.

That experience ultimately became a defining moment in refocusing BioWare’s mission. We need to delight players with new experiences and innovation, but we must stay focused on the importance of the world, character, and storytelling elements that players expect from our games. And our games must be designed to continue delivering new stories and experiences, in an ongoing relationship with players in the worlds we’re evolving together.

It’s in that spirit that we are working through production on Anthem–a game designed to create a whole new world of story and character that you can experience with friends in an ongoing series of adventures. It will be unlike anything you’ve played, but if we do it right, it will feel very distinctly BioWare.

Next time I’ll talk more about how our updated studio mission is helping to focus our work on Anthem and the games that will follow!


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