Android P has not even completed one year of existence and we already have speculation gathered on Android Q. But that’s nothing surprising since this has been the case for almost all other Android Versions. Let’s take a look on the few leaks related to Android Q:

  • The removal of the back button

This feature has been in the market for a couple of years now. We first saw it being applied by Apple to its variant iPhone. Since the launch of iPhone several companies like OnePlus, Xiaomi, etc. have rolled their own implementations and have been widely praised. There was no doubt that Google would integrate this feature in its next update.

  •  System wide Dark Mode

According to XDA Developers, Android Q will bring a system wide Dark Mode that can be accessed through the display settings. Moreover, the Dark Mode can also be scheduled depending on the time of the day. When the Dark Mode is enabled, all apps seem to have a dark gray tint to them, while panels like the Quick Settings shade have a black background.

  • Permissions

Android Q focuses on Privacy more than before. To give the users a better understanding and control over the content accessed by the apps, Google is looking forward to implement some new features for app permissions in Android Q.

  • Foldable Phone Support

After the launch of foldable phone by Royole and the upcoming phones by Samsung and Xiaomi, Android Q will support Android devices with foldable displays.

  • Multi-Resume Feature

This is nothing but an upgraded feature of the Split Screen and Picture-in-Picture Mode. This feature will enable the users to use all the split app screens in active mode. In other words, it won’t be like all apps in the background will go inactive/sleep mode while you are interacting with an app. This feature will give a boost to multi-tasking. But we can see an increased amount of battery drainage due to this feature.

  • Screen Recording

This feature has been present in almost all Xiaomi devices but Google is planning to bring this feature in other Android devices through Android Q.

  • Desktop Mode

Android devices might be getting a new Desktop mode (similar to the one offered by Samsung) but more information about this is not present.


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