Titbits about AMD’s next-gen Ryzen processors have been leaking out over the past months. Now, team red’s entire processor road maps up to 2020 is out. As per these slides, the second-generation Ryzen chips will indeed be based on the refreshed “Zen+” architecture. Looks like Intel will have ample competition in the near future.

The third-generation Ryzen CPUs on the other hand, will be built upon the second-generation Zen2 architecture. According to the leaked slides obtained by Informatica Cero, AMD also supposedly has three Ryzen Threadripper families planned for launch up to 2020.

RyzenRyzenThese slides feature 3 generations of upcoming AM4 based Ryzen APUs and CPUs. The 3rd gen CPU is codenamed Pinnacle Ridge, while the APU is dubbed Raven Ridge. The ones lined up after that are named Matisse and Vermeer on the CPU side, and Picasso and Renoir for the APUs.

As for the enthusiast class Threadripper CPUs, a second generation of Threadripper chips seem to be aimed for launch this year itself. For 2019, a new Threadripper design is in the works. As per the slides, it’s dubbed as “Castle Peak”, and will set new records in the HEDT market. As for the more the Zen+ TRs, improved clock speeds is the main objective.


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