32 Core/64 Thread AMD Zen 2 Epyc “Rome” Processor Leaked on SiSoftware


    These days the rumor mill has been quite busy with multiple leaks every 12 hours or so. This past week was full of info about the upcoming 10th Gen Intel processors, both 10nm as well as 14nm. Today, it’s AMD’s turn and a major one at that. Twitter user, momomo_us has shared the SiSoft benchmark of a Zen 2 based Epyc “Rome” processor, packing 32 cores and 64 threads, running at a base clock of 1.7GHz and a boost of 2.4GHz. It’s a qualification sample with the codename, ZS1711E3VIVG5_24/17_N.

    AMD Epyc Rome CPU

    In the multi-media test, the AMD Rome processor scores a mammoth 1545.59Mpix/s, coming in at rank #357, making it faster than 99.79% of all the results. It has an L3 cache of 128MB (8 x 16MB) and an L2 (32 x 512KB) cache of 16MB, the former being common to all the cores in the chiplet while the latter private to each core. This processor is an early 32 Core Epyc qualification sample, meaning it has passed the engineering phase and will soon be followed by the production phase. The final clocks will probably be higher but not by much as this is a QS.


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    From the chip code, we can tell that it’ll come in an LGA4049 package and the G5 near the end confirms that it’s a Rome part. We don’t know anything about the TDP but considering that it’s a server processor (the S at the beginning of the codename, ZS1711E3VIVG5_24/17_N) with 32 cores, it’s going to be higher than your average chip.

    Chart for decoding AMD Ryzen chip samples

    This appears to be a mid-range Rome offering, as we already know that the flagship will be a 64C/128T monster and has already been booked by a number of corporations. As for the vendor, this 32 core Epyc CPU was run on a Dell machine, namely the Dell PowerEdge R6515 PowerEdge (Dell 04F3CJ). This model currently isn’t available and should be announced in the third quarter of 2019, along with the Rome processors. Stay tuned for more leaks, I’ve got a feeling we’ll be seeing a bunch of them very soon.

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