Intel has been playing catch-up with AMD lately, both in the consumer as well as the server space. It seems like the trend is going to continue for the time being. As per the sale figures put together by the AMD community over at Reddit, team red has been selling twice as many units as Intel this past month.

These figures are from the largest retailer of Germany, Mindfactory and provide an approximate measure of the CPUs sold in the region.


Looking at the charts, we can see that for the most part of the year the two companies were neck-to-neck, but towards the last quarter of 2018, the momentum shifted in AMD’s favor. Finally by the end of November, AMD controlled twice as much market as Intel.


The revenue charts are less dramatic, although AMD still leads by a small margin. This is mainly because of the notable price difference between AMD and Intel chips.


On AMD’s side, three second-gen Ryzen CPUs make up for most of the sales, namely the R5 2600, the R5 2600X  and finally the Ryzen flagship, the R7 2700X. Intel is a bit worse for wear and most of their money seems to be coming from the Coffee lake i5 and i7 chips.

Interestingly, the i9 has done considerably better than all the Threadrippers, and given the price of those chips it’d be safe to say that Intel got a fair amount of dough from selling these 10-core monsters.

The company has got a challenging year ahead of them. As team red prepares to unveil the Zen2 CPUs and the humongous Rome server processor, their rival seems to be running out of options, and the 10nm node isn’t getting any younger either. Regardless, it’s a good time to be a CPU enthusiast with a wide range of CPUs on retail shelves to choose from and prices that don’t break your bank either.

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