Yesterday in a briefing, AMD explained what they are aiming for in the coming years. This included the next gen Threadripper based on the Zen+ architecture, and AMD’s plan with it’s Radeon Technologies Group (RTG).

AMD Ryzen ThreadripperThe first update and the star of the show was the new Threadripper CPU based on the updated Zen+ architecture. As we already reported yesterday, the sampling for Ryzen Threadripper 2900X, 2920X and 2950X has already started. They’ll get the same treatment as the mainstream Ryzen processors with frequency bumps and timing optimizations.

Updating the CPU roadmap, AMD also shared slides mentioning Zen2 and Zen3 architectures. While Zen2 seems to an architectural update with many improvements, Zen3 will probably be a minor upgrade similar to the transition from Zen to Zen+. Both the upcoming architectures will be based on the 7nm node. As per the slide, Zen2’s design is complete and will be unveiled next year from the looks of it, as for Zen3 the status is, “On track”. Probably means the architecture isn’t finalized yet and still is under development. Expect Zen3 to land anytime during or after 2020.

AMD Ryzen ZenAMD also showed off it’s GPU roadmap. Apart from the current gen Vega, the slides point toward a 7nm based Vega. The progress for Navi (again 7nm) is on track, and Navi Next-gen is expected to come around 2020. Now, we already know that Vega 7nm is solely for machine learning and AI, so will Navi and next gen Vega launch together sometime in 2019, or will they be separately handled. Furthermore, looks like gamers will have to wait before AMD reveals anything GPU related for them.

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