AMD Ryzen Eats Away 22% of Intel’s CPU Market in Japan in Less than a Year


    Just yesterday, we shared the global CPU market share stats that depicted AMD’s resurgence in the last two years and how the company is poised to capture a major chunk of Intel’s pie in the coming years. While in many of the European markets the company is leading, there are still some regions where Intel is ahead, mainly developing countries that aren’t targeted that well by the PR teams.

    Japan is definitely not one of those countries, however. According to the latest stats, AMD has beaten Intel in the country’s CPU market, and the lead will only grow in the coming months. This comes in the wake of continuous losses on blue side contributed by the shortage of 14nm chips, the competitive pricing of the Ryzen CPUs as well as the slowdown in inter-generational performance gains.

    As you can see, AMD has turned things around in less than a year, with the company reeling with a minority share of just 28% in the last quarter of 2018. Within just three quarters, that figure went up to 50.5%, pushing Intel to the sidelines. This is still nowhere as much as in Germany, but the consistency is absolutely remarkable. After the Zen 2 CPUs launch in two days, we can be sure that things will only get worse for Intel. They’ll need more than a 15% reduction in pricing to keep the playing field leveled. And in case you were wondering, Ice Lake isn’t coming to the desktop space anytime soon.

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