Twitter user ‘Bits and Chips’ has revealed that the AMD Zen 2 will deliver an average 13 percent IPC improvement over the AMD Zen+. The performance was measured on ‘scientific task’ workloads and the results are based on these benchmark scores. There’s no gaming data revealed yet. Bits and Chips claim the source of this information to be an employee of a ‘big company’ and to be the one behind the previous leaks that ‘proved true’ regarding the IPC of Zen, and the AM4 socket pins.

This also means that this IPC improvement, combined with a slight clock speed increase and possible additional cores, could see AMD going above Intel in terms of performance in more than just multi-threaded settings.

AMD updated its Zen CPU architecture to Zen+ earlier this year via the Pinnacle Ridge CPUs which featured an improved 12nm LP process. This increased the core base and boost frequencies, and came with additional features like Precision Boost 2, and memory-latency tuning across the processor. The Zen+ cores delivered an approximate 10 percent all-core performance improvement and significant gaming performance advantages over Zen cores. There was also a 3 to 5 per cent IPC uplift too.

AMD Ryzen 3000 To Offer Better Gaming Performance

The move from Zen+ to Zen 2 is expected to deliver a greater intergenerational performance boost than what we saw from Zen to Zen+. AMD claims that Zen 2 “improves on Zen in multiple dimensions”.

AMD Ryzen 3000 To Offer Better Gaming Performance

Zen 2 is going to be released at CES 2019, with sales expected to start in May that same year. There were some rumors that the top 2 Zen 2 CPUs may have a core count of 16.

AMD Ryzen 3000 To Offer Better Gaming Performance

The most exciting part is that if you are an existing Ryzen user and you’re using either of the first or second generations Ryzen CPUs, the motherboards will be immediately compatible with the Zen 2 processors when they are released. So a performance upgrade won’t require a motherboard upgrade for the AMD fans.


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