AMD Ryzen CPU Sales on Par with Intel in European DIY Markets


    AMD’s CPU division has been on the rise ever since the Ryzen processors came out. First, it was the consumer market, then the server market and lastly the mobile PC market has also started feeling the heat. Now, as per a report from Tweakers reports, AMD is catching up to Intel in the DIY PC building space in Europe and will most likely surpass it in the near future.

    AMD Ryzen CPU sales

    This report takes into account Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg or the Benelux which is now the second European market where AMD is crushing Intel. Earlier, it was found via Mindfactory’s stats that AMD has already overtaken Intel in Germany, both in terms of revenue as well as the number of units sold.

    AMD Ryzen CPU sales

    Amazon and Newegg are some of the main online retailers where AMD’s Ryzen chips seem to be doing well and are highly recommended by reviewers. The price-performance ratio and Intel’s stagnating 14nm process were one of the core reasons for this shift in the CPU market. Intel’s 14nm CPU shortages didn’t help either, plus with AMD’s HEDT offerings nearly half as expensive as Intel’s and the performance delta far from it, most content creators and professionals are finding it hard to go with Intel’s chips.

    In the fourth quarter of 2018, AMD controlled 15.8% of the desktop CPU market which may not sound significant, but in the server and mobile space, the company’s shares have tripled and even quadrupled in certain cases. And with the 7nm Zen2 processors on the horizon, AMD’s influence in the CPU market is sure to grow even further, and pressure will keep building on Intel to tune down their rather outrageous CPU pricing.

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