AMD CPU Market Share in Japan Doubles as 14nm Chip Shortages Continue to Hinder Intel


    As per BCN Rankings, Intel’s CPU market share in Japan dropped from 78.0% in March 2018 to 58.6% in March this year. On the other hand, AMD’s share, which was 22.0% has nearly doubled by jumping to around 41.4%. Ever since AMD’s Ryzen chips were announced, Intel has been having a hard time keeping up with team red’s competitive offerings. Intel has been fighting an uphill battle in markets all over the globe and the company has already lost the lead in some European countries, including Germany and Netherlands, and it seems like Japan is going to be next.

    AMD Market Share

    Intel has been consistently losing ground in Japan in the past 5 consecutive months, starting from November 2018. Its competitor has been having the most fruitful time in years with AMD CPUs consistently outperforming their previous year’s performance, with February 19′ hitting a high of 235.9% year-on-year.

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    As a whole, the semiconductor industry has been having it rough as it hit a bottom of 79.2% in January compared to last year. Although it recovered to 126.9% in March, most of the benefits were reaped by AMD, as Intel struggled with 14nm chip shortages which are still expected to continue through 2019.

    AMD Market Share

    It is improving little by little, but the situation remains tight. However, since we are investing heavily in 14nm process manufacturing equipment, we expect the situation to be healthy by December 19.

    Suzuki Kunisada- Intel President, Japan

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