As the release date draws near, we keep hearing more and more about the next gen Ryzen 7 2700 processors. AMD earlier last year jumped back into the enthusiast CPU fray with its hotly anticipated Zen based Ryzen processors, causing Intel to overhaul their entire chip family.

A new leak has confirmed the existence of a 12nm Zen+ part, clocked at 4.35 GHz. South Korean website, Hardware Battle had screenshots posted online but the post is now gone. The benchmarks were posted for some popular CPU tests like Sandra and 3D Mark.

Ryzen 7 2000 Ryzen 7 2000 Ryzen 7 2000 Ryzen 7 2000 Ryzen 7 2000 Ryzen 7 2000 The CPU was tested with ASRock X370 Gaming ITX/ac motherboard. This new Ryzen 7 2700 processor seems to beat the Core i7 8700K quite comfortably in all the tests. And even matching up to the Core i9s in some benchmark.

This clock boost to 4.35GHz is a notable change. The current flagship Ryzen 7 1800X could barely get to 4.1GHz. Even the enthusiast-range Threadripper CPUs could only reach 4.2GHz. This extra 250MHz should and does seem to given the next-gen Ryzen CPUs an edge, with the new CPU beating the Intel Core i7-8700K in 3DMark FireStrike by 13%. Multi-threaded workloads also get a modest boost of 8% in the CineBench multi-threaded bench.

Earlier last week, Ryzen 7 2700 parts were also spotted that too had an extra 300 Mhz on the core clocks.

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