AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 10% Faster than Intel Core i5-9600K in Gaming, 25% in Multi-Threaded Tasks


    We’ve seen a ton of tests and benchmarks of the AMD Ryzen 5 3600, but not a single one of its higher clocked X sibling. TUM_APISAK shared the UserBenchmark of the 3600X on Twitter a few hours back, and we were able to get a look at the chip’s performance. It seems like the faster clocks help quite a bit when it comes to both gaming as well as effective or real-world performance.

    I know most people don’t consider UserBench to be legit, but in my experience, the “Effective Speed” metric usually gives a decent approximation of the chip’s capabilities. In this case, the Ryzen 5 3600X is 10% faster than the Intel Core i5-9600K in the gaming test, and a considerable 25% in Workstation oriented workloads (multi-threaded). Overall, the 3rd Gen Ryzen 5 is 10% superior to the Coffee Lake-based i5.

    Moving on to the synthetics, we can see that the AMD chip is 20% faster on an average with almost similar scores in the single and quad-core tests, but a whopping 50% better showing in the multi-threaded test. I believe AMD users can capitalize on these gains by overclocking their CPUs as the Ryzen 3000 lineup will be better suited for it compared to the Intel 8th and 9th Gen products.

    In the end, the same thing can be concluded here. The Intel processors are still quite competitive in the single-threaded loads but get left far behind in the multi-threaded ones. The overclocking ability of Zen 2 chips will decide whether AMD will be able to one-up Intel in the single-core applications or not.

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    1. Hey areez, what do you think my setup should be if i build an amd pc in 2020/2021 with 3rd gen ryzen processor. I do ocassional image editing(not that serious!) and play old COD & Battlefield games. If i go for a ryzen 3700x, will be it be futureproof?Also, how much money do i need? I am from India.

    2. how much is ryzen 5 3600x faster than its sibling ryzen 5 3600 in gaming and other core performances…..

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