AMD Ryzen 3000 Pro SKUs spotted on EEC Portal: Ryzen 3500 the New Budget King?

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    AMD’s Ryzen 3000 family appears all set to get even bigger if recent EEC listing is anything to go by. The listing is found on the Eurasian Economic Union’s EEC portal and is in Russian. Thankfully, I know Russian so you’re completely out of luck here. The listing, for notification RU0000043701, was published four days ago, on July 26th. Interestingly, it mentioned that the items were registered on the portal even earlier, on the 8th of July, so these parts have been floating around for quite some time.

    What new Ryzen parts are we talking about? The notification refers to “Microprocessors for Computers in the Ryzen class” with 3 listings given.

    The first model listed is Ryzen 5 3600 Pro. This is going to be a 6-core part, just like the regular 3600 Additional details for this part indicate that it’ll be a 65W CPU. This will be the successor to the Ryzen 5 2600 Pro for workstations and office computers with enhanced security and precision needed in the field.

    The second listing is for Ryzen 5 3500, also a 65W part. Based on how the description was framed, we strongly believe this will also be a hexa-core part. We’re either looking at a model with SMT disabled, for six cores and threads, or a lower-clocked and binned variant of the 3600. Either way, this looks to be the most interesting of the lot: The 3600 is a great performer, but it slots in at a price that’s a bit more than budget-conscious buyers could afford. A variant of the 3600 at a lower price would secure Ryzen’s price-performance dominance.

    The last two items on the list are the Ryzen 3700 Pro and Ryzen 3900 Pro, the top-end workstation parts. Both of these are 65W parts. It’s interesting that even for the top-end 12-core 3900 Pro, the TDP remains at just 65W. We’re curious as to whether this is because of lower clocks or just because 3rd gen Ryzen on the 7nm process is really damn efficient. If this turns out to be legit, then these processors will have a huge efficiency advantage over the competing Intel chips in the professional space.

    We’ll keep you updated about these new Ryzen parts here.

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