AMD Ryzen 3000 Series Processors Listed

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    AMD announced a few days ago that the 3rd Gen Ryzen processors will be revealed in mid-2019. Today, Techpowerup has listed the various chips and their specifications. The new Threadripper still remains unconfirmed. However, the leaks point to an autumn release.

    You can find the full list below:

    The new Ryzen 3000 series Processors as listed by Techpowerup

    The 3rd Generation of Ryzen chips uses the 7nm process based on the 2nd Generation Zen architecture. They offer better performance and use less power while being more efficient. The Threadripper 3 based on the Zen 2 x86 Core, however, is not listed in this list.

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    At base clock, the new Ryzen chips consume 30% less power than Intel’s 9900K in Cinebench R15. Moreover, Ryzen also scored higher than Intel on the test. AMD has also confirmed that the chips will come with PCIe 4.0 support. They also make use of the AM4 socket and will support all existing AM4 motherboards.

    The performance offered is far beyond that of the Ryzen Gen 2 chips and even outperform the i9-9900K in stress tests. AMD’s processors generally come with turbo frequencies out-of-the-box. This potentially points to all processors coming in clocked north of 5GHz! And that’s not even mentioning the new Threadripper, which is rumored to come with a base clock of 4GHz and a boost clock of 5GHz.

    With the new Intel Cascade Lake processors that are to be revealed at Computex, and hotly anticipated AMD’s Ryzen 3000 lineup, things are heating up in the CPU market right now. For hardware enthusiasts, this is great news. As competition increases in the CPU theatre, expect to see more stunning chips at competitive prices.

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