AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs Will Boost Up to 4.5GHz, 15% Higher IPC and 40 PCIe Lanes

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As the release date for AMD’s 7nm Ryzen 3000 CPUs gets closer and closer, we’ll keep hearing more rumors and leaks regarding the new Zen2 architecture. The first of them has already arrived and as per this little report, the Ryzen 3000 chips will have boost clocks of up to 4.5GHz, and a 15% higher IPC compared to Zen+. That is a rather sizeable gain, considering that Zen+ was only 3% faster than the original Zen architecture. Furthermore, it’s being claimed that the new CPUs will have 40 PCIe lanes, but at the same time, the A320-based motherboards won’t be supporting the Ryzen 3000 lineup.

OEMs have Already Got their Grubby Hands on Ryzen 3000 Chips

As per the source, motherboard manufacturers like Asus, Gigabyte and MSI have already received the early Zen2 samples, and have been testing them for compatibility issues on their respective products. As already mentioned, the samples supposedly have a 15% higher IPC compared to Zen+. This means that each individual thread of the Zen2 CPUs will be 15% faster than its predecessor’s. Secondly, these parts are said to have a boost clock of up to 4.5GHz which to be fair isn’t surprising at all, considering that the 2nd gen Ryzen chips boost to almost 4GHz. The newer 7nm process and other architectural improvements should allow clocks as high as 5GHz, more or less on par with Intel’s i9 processors.

AMD Ryzen 3000

The mainstream Ryzen 3000 lineup is also rumored to include 40 PCIe lanes, more than twice of what Intel’s 9th Generation CPUs offer. The former is also expected to come with PCIe 4th Gen support, but only the new X570 chipset will feature it. The basic functionality, however, should be available on the older X470 & X370-based motherboards as well. One small unfortunate tidbit is that the A320 chipset might not be compatible with the Ryzen 3000 processors, so those of you who opted for the said platform will probably have to buy the whole motherboard-CPU combo if you want a taste of Zen2.

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