AMD: RDNA GPUs for Samsung 2021 Send Adreno 650 to the Gallows

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After the latest controversy with their Exynos 990, Samsung finally has something to cheer about. Samsung had already forged a partnership with AMD way back in 2019 to use their Radeon GPUs on their SoCs. But there was radio silence since that announcement until now as we have learned new details about AMD’s new offering. It seems to be lining up quite well with their original plans of a 2021 launch date with this leak.

Exynos and AMD Radeon

AMD has been on a steamroll of late, this partnership just bolsters their position even further. Qualcomm has been reigning supreme in the mobile space for a while now and especially their Adreno GPUs used in their SoCs. Mali GPUs have been playing second fiddle to Adreno GPUs for a long time now. And the time to put an end to that seems to have finally arrived if the leaks are anything to go by.

RDNA Making a Move On:

RDNA seems to be all the rage these days as we recently covered AMD’s RDNA 2 ‘Big Navi’ challenging Nvidia’s crown. And now we have its mobile sibling challenging Qualcomm’s (Adreno) crown and it does a great job at that too. The leaked synthetic benchmark from GFXBench is as follows: AMD’s GPU scored 181.8 FPS in the Manhattan 3.1 test beating the Adreno 650 found in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 flagship GPU by 13%.

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Additionally, another benchmark of Aztech gives 138.25 and 58 FPS on Normal and High respectively. This is mindblowing as Snapdragon 865 which scores 53.65 and 20.38 FPS on Aztec Normal and High respectively. This translates to roughly 3X higher performance by the AMD GPUs which is unheard of.


This monstrous performance displayed by the AMD GPUs seats Samsung in a comfortable position to take on Qualcomm for the next-generation of smartphones in 2021. In other news, Samsung has planned to tweak the Exynos 990 after its disastrous showing with a new model for their Note 20 lineup. This new optimized chip might end up being called Exynos 992 according to reports.

As usual with leaks of this nature we recommend you to take this news with a healthy dose of salt until we get more confirmations from official sources.

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